Welcome to DaVinci Engineering, Inc., a civil/structural engineering firm that provides professional engineering services throughout the United States and abroad.  DaVinci Engineering was originally founded to support the demands of the wireless telecommunications industry and now offers a full range of structural engineering services.  While still specializing in telecommunication structural design, we additionally provide services ranging from initial site investigation to engineering support through fabrication & construction.

DaVinci Engineering has carefully assembled a select team of engineers with diverse backgrounds to offer a variety of services to our clients.  Our engineers are known for their excellent customer service and their ability to develop customer-specific optimization software.  In addition, our ability to design, evaluate, and rehabilitate telecommunication towers gives our clients an extra edge over their competition.


DaVinci Engineering has focused our services on the design and analysis of communication structures.  This includes, but is not limited to, self-supporting towers, guyed towers, monopoles, concealment structures, tower components and roof top mounts—along with their respective foundations or anchorage.  DaVinci Engineering has a reputation for consistent quality, outstanding customer service and cost-effective designs.  We specialize in both new and existing structures.  DaVinci Engineering works directly with tower manufacturers to design new cost-effective solutions for their customers.  DaVinci excels in accurately analyzing existing structures in order to determine the feasibility of adding additional equipment, and or design and manage tower modifications as required.  DaVinci’s engineers have the experience you need to help you get the most out of your towers, while simultaneously adhering to required building codes, design standards and protecting public health and safety.

Telecommunication Services

New Monopole, SST & Guyed Towers and their Foundation design
New Monopole, SST & Guyed Towers Building Permit Packages
Existing Monopole, SST & Guyed Towers Structural Analysis
New or Existing Roof-Top Antenna Mounts & Screen Walls
Water Tank & Smokestack Analysis for Antenna Co-Location
Existing Tower Reinforcing & Modification Design
Custom Mount & Component Design for Monopole and Towers
Custom Product Development
Site Layout and Design
Tower Engineering Management Portfolio
Site Walks